Open House has finally arrived! Sat. Mar. 6, 2010 the new library building at 415 Lawrence Ave. will be open from 9am-4pm for area residents to tour the new facility. Please join us in celebrating this beautiful new building. It is truly a gift to our community. Thank you all for your support!

We will be open our regular hours beginning Monday Mar. 8, 2010.


2 Responses to “COME AND SEE THE NEW LIBRARY!!!”

  1. Sandra Sweet Says:

    I recently discovered a “History of the Elwood City Public Library” written by my recently deceased 92 year old mother. She worked at the library when Catherin M. Charles was the librarian. At that time she was Dorothy M. Wallis. Briefly, upon opening they had only 600 books, all of which were taken out after only three days. Listed are library staff and Board of Trustees as well as different locations for the library. I am not sure when this was written as it is not dated but Mother graduated from Lincoln High School in 1936. I also have the year book. This document must have been a class assignment as there is an “A” in red at the top. Possibly she worked there during High School. This 3 page paper is old and yellow but very readable. If you have any interest in this item please contact me by email. We live in San Diego, CA.
    Sandra Sweet

    • childrenslib Says:

      Hi Sandra,
      This sounds like a neat piece of history you have stumbled upon. Why don’t you photo copy it and send it to us? That way you can keep the original for sentiment’s sake. Our new address is: 415 Lawrence Ave., Ellwood City PA 16117. You can send it to my attention. Thanks for getting in touch with us!
      Nancy K. Wallace
      Youth Services Coordinator

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