New Library Is Coming!


New Library
By ellwoodcitylib

ecl_illustrationThe Ellwood City Public Library has been at the same location for over 80 years. A true community center, it provides not just books, but diverse and enriching programming for everyone – from children to seniors – at no cost to users.

But the time has come! The library has outgrown its small space and at the end of 2009 will be moving to larger location, to better serve the entire Ellwood City community.

At an exciting preview event on Thursday the 16th, plans for the new library were unveiled. The artist’s rendering above depicts the awesome glass entryway and reading area that will serve as the main entrance of the new library, conveniently located right on Lawrence Avenue. Franus Architects is in charge of the building’s design, and spoke on Thursday about the “green” nature of the building and gave all assembled an sneak peek at the design of the collection indoors. Housing everything from a castle-themed children’s section to an expanded computer area and an entire dedicated young adult section, the new library will really be a place that serves the entire community. The growth and future of Ellwood City truly starts here.

The library has been working diligently for the past two years to raise funds to support the building of this great new space, and announced yesterday that they have less than 30% left to meet their goal! Anyone in the community wishing to donate or to learn more about all the new plans is encouraged to call or visit the current library.


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